Barn wedding Info

Florida Barn Wedding information

Weddings have been happening since the dawn of time, your barn wedding included, whatever the theme or mood of the event it is a celebration of two people joining as one. A declaration of love and support. The theme of these events has taken many forms, it is influenced by religion, interests, family, maybe a favourite flower or a piece of music.

There is usually a heartfelt need for this ceremony to be meaningful and above all authentic. The interest in barn weddings has taken place in the last five years. Couples have recognised the fact that many barns and ranches are hard-working sincere places completely in tune with nature and their surroundings. It is this authenticity that has attracted hundreds of couples to Florida Wedding Barns for their ceremony.

As well as providing a beautiful back drop to your special day the barn experience allows both yourself and your guests to step into a different world for the day. The experience needs to be both real and rich, that is to say its no good just building a set and pretending, the barn has to be a real barn with meaning and purpose, the experience needs to be one that both entertains and enlightens your guests, they need to leave your wedding with a feeling that they have created wonderful memories and added to yours.


When we decided to host all inclusive weddings at Prairie Glenn Barn we wanted to achieve all of the above, we wanted to create an experience that would raise the bar, we wanted to exceed all of our Brides expectations.